If your car's starter is no longer functioning, you won't be able to turn on your engine. By working as a mini-motor, starters serve to provide the initial "kick" to get your engine moving. If you're experiencing problems starting your car, you might need starter repair or replacement.

At Porter's Garage, we can fix and replace all types of starters sold in the United States. If you're ready to get your car back on the road, give our auto shop a call!

Is My Starter Broken?

It's often easy to spot a starter problem – make sure to stay aware of these indicators:

• You notice a quick-fire clicking noise when you turn your car key.
• You notice your headlights turn on when you start your car (but your engine remains idle).
• Your car won't turn on at all.

Some of the above problems can also point to alternator issues, battery problems, and other electrical faults. Make sure to use a qualified mechanic to assess the real source of the problem.

Riverside Starter Repair Shop

If you have a starter problem, our licensed mechanics will inspect your vehicle and make necessary adjustments. We offer affordable starter repair services in Riverside – call us straight away if you can't start your car!

Riverside Starter Replacement Shop

If we can't find an affordable repair solution for your starter, it might be better to replace it entirely. We stock a range of high-quality starters that will have your car functioning perfectly again in no time!

Call Porter's Garage for Free Starter Services Quotes!

If you need a quote for any of our starter services in Riverside, you can call our shop's number or book an appointment online. As a one-stop-shop for all your auto needs, we're happy to combine our starter services with other standard auto services. Call us today for more information!