Control Arms

Your ability to navigate rough terrain is partly due to your car's control arms. Your wheels and car frame are connected by your control arms, which provide suspension benefits to your vehicle.

When your car hits the 90,000-mile mark, there may come a time when you need to replace your control arms. At Porter's Garage, our mechanics can repair and replace control arms on all major car brands and models. Contact us today to discuss our services!

Do I Need New Control Arms?

While the 90,000-mile mark is a good time to consider inspecting your control arms, you need to remain aware of the following signs of potential issues:

1. Your car produces large banging noises when you hit rough terrain or a bump.
2. Your steering wheel vibrates while driving.
3. There is uneven wearing developing on your car's tires.

If you experience any of the above problems, contact us immediately.

Control Arm Replacement Shop in Riverside

If you need new control arms, our team of experienced mechanics will test your existing parts and make suggestions. If new control arms are necessary, we'll remove your existing parts and replace them with a durable alternative – you'll be driving again in no time!

Control Arm Repair Shop in Riverside

It might seem like a good idea to find a control arm repair service in Riverside, but you won't be able to fix a faulty control arm. Once it's no longer functional, the only option is a full-service replacement.

We Never Charge Riverside Drivers for Quotes!

If you're shopping around for the most reliable mechanic in Riverside, don't forget to call Porter's Garage. Our longstanding reputation in the community is a result of our affordable prices and timely services. If you need control arm replacements in Riverside, call our local shop for a free quote!