Catalytic Converters

Your catalytic converter reduces the impact of gases released by your car – these converters became widespread toxin reduction tools in the 1970s. There are now regulations restricting exhaust emissions, so your catalytic converter must operate correctly. Not only do catalytic converters help you comply with regulations, but they also protect you and others from harmful fumes.

At Porter's Garage, we repair and replace catalytic converters for drivers in Riverside, California. If you suspect you have an issue with your catalytic converter, call us today!

Is My Catalytic Converter Broken?

Diagnosing a catalytic converter issue can be difficult if you're not an experienced mechanic, but there are a few critical signs to look out for:

1. Excessive, dark exhaust smoke coming from your car.
2. Sulfur smell is coming from your vehicle.
3. Your engine isn't performing at its standard capacity.
4. Your vehicle is experiencing poor acceleration.
5. Rattling noises coming from your car.

Riverside Catalytic Converter Repair Shop

If you have any of the catalytic converter problems mentioned above, it's important to fix the issue quickly. We can repair most catalytic converter problems – we always make sure to diagnose the core issues present in your converter before we make any adjustments. In some cases, it can be as simple as unclogging your catalytic converter, while other repairs are more extensive.

Riverside Catalytic Converter Replacement Shop

If we can't make repairs or adjustments to your catalytic converter, we also stock replacements for all major car brands and models. Our Riverside catalytic converter replacement service will ensure your car benefits from a brand-new emissions reduction tool – it's the best way to comply with regulations!

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Don't risk driving without a functioning catalytic converter. If you want to protect yourself and the environment from harmful fumes, it's critical to fix or replace your catalytic converter as quickly as possible. Call us today for more information – we also offer free estimates!