Brake Repairs

Without functioning brakes, you can't stop your car – this can have devastating consequences when you're on the road. Unfortunately, brakes wear down and malfunction as they age. At Porter's Garage, we offer brake repair and brake replacement services to clients in Riverside – call us today if you're facing brake problems!

Are My Car's Brakes Broken?

You can't afford to drive a car with bad brakes – make sure to keep an eye out for the following signs of faulty brakes:

1. Your car's brake light is illuminated.
2. You hear squealing noises when you brake.
3. You hear grinding when you brake.
4. You notice fluid leaking from your brakes.
5. You notice heavy vibrations when you brake.
6. There's a burning smell coming from your car.
7. Your car drifts when you brake.

As brakes are a critical component of your car's safety, it's critical to check them regularly. We recommend you use a mechanic to inspect your brakes every six months.

Riverside Brake Repairs Shop

If there's a mechanical issue with your brakes, our Riverside brake repair service can fix it. Our mechanics have experience repairing all types of brake parts and car models. We'll determine if your brakes require repair or replacement before we start any work.

Riverside Brake Replacement Shop

If your brakes are worn down, you might need a full replacement. Our Riverside brake replacement service will remove your existing brakes and replace them with brand-new pads. It's the perfect way to improve your car's safety and drivability.

We stock a range of compatible brake parts at our auto shop in Riverside. We focus on providing convenient and timely brake replacement services to our clients.

Call Us Today – Never Drive with Faulty Brakes!

Never operate a vehicle with faulty brakes. If you believe your brakes are worn-down, malfunctioning, or experiencing any other issues, call Porter's Garage immediately. We're always happy to discuss auto problems with our clients – and we never charge for quotes!