Auto Electric

Modern vehicles are growing increasingly reliant on auto electric components. Whether it's a car battery, electric seats, or an electric sunroof, there are more electric parts in your car than you probably realize. Unfortunately, this provides plenty of opportunities for electrical faults and malfunctions.

At Porter's Garage, our auto electric repair and replacement service ensures your car's electrical components are operating correctly. We've helped countless Riverside drivers get the most out of their auto electric parts!

What Components of My Car Require Electric Repair

All cars are different, so the components in your vehicle powered by your electrical system will vary depending on your brand, model, and year. Let's look at some standard electrical components below:

• Car battery
• Alternator
• Headlights
• Brake lights
• Electric seats
• Stereo system
• GPS system
• Electric windows
• Electric door openers
• Electric sunroof
• Reverse cams
• Electric side mirrors
• More

Riverside Auto Electric Repair Shop

If any of your car's electrical components stop working, our Riverside auto electric repair service can fix the issue. We'll identify the root cause of an electrical malfunction and repair the faulty parts. In many cases, it's as simple as replacing some wiring.

Riverside Auto Electric Replacement Shop

In some cases, you might require our auto electric replacement services. If your alternator, battery, or electric windows stop functioning, you may need replacement parts. We can source, install, and test auto electric parts for our clients in Riverside.

Call Us Today for Free Auto Electric Estimates

Whether you have problems with your headlights or need someone to inspect your electric windows, Porter's Garage is always here to help. Our mechanics are available six days a week – we're always eager to assist our Riverside clients. If you'd like a no-obligation estimate for any of our auto electric services, call us today or book an appointment online.