Transmission Replacement Only

Without a transmission, your vehicle wouldn't be able to change gears. Unfortunately, there might come a time where your transmission begins to fail. If you need to replace your transmission in Riverside, contact our team of mechanics at Porter's Garage!

Is My Transmission Broken?

Are you worried that your transmission is malfunctioning? Make sure keep your eyes peeled for the following faulty transmission signs:

1. Your engine warning light is illuminated.
2. You can't get your engine to engage (or it's delayed).
3. You notice leaking fluid.
4. Your gears are slipping.
5. Your transmission is making grinding noises.

The indicators above can point to a range of auto issues. We'll use diagnostic equipment to determine if your transmission is the source of your auto problems – our approach ensures we tackle the underlying issue in your car.

Riverside Transmission Replacement Shop

If your transmission is no longer functional, you will need to replace it with a new or refurbished part. At Porter's Garage, we offer cost-effective transmission replacement services in Riverside.

At present, we don't offer repair services to clients with broken transmissions. If you want to fix a transmission at Porter's Garage, it will require a replacement.

Why Choose Porter's Garage?

If you're trying to find a transmission replacement service, you need to choose an experienced mechanic with a stellar reputation. Check out what makes us so special:

• We can replace any type of transmission sold in the United States.
• All our mechanics are licensed and insured.
• We have verified testimonials from other Riverside clients.
• We're locally owned and operated.
• We're open six days a week.
• We offer free quotes to all our clients.

Call Us for Riverside Transmission Replacement Services

If you're ready to replace a transmission in Riverside, call our office at Porter's Garage. We're always available to speak to our local clients about any of our auto services! We even offer free quotes!