Shocks and Struts

Shock and struts are integral suspension parts that help you navigate rough terrain, bumps, and other challenging surfaces. Without shocks and struts, your car wouldn't be able to absorb impact – and your journeys would be much less smooth!

While you might not realize it, shocks and struts are not used in conjunction. Most cars will have shocks OR struts, so it's essential to understand which part is affixed to your suspension system. At Porter's Garage, we can repair or replace shocks and struts in Riverside, California. Call us today for a free estimate!

Signs My Shocks and Struts Are Broken

The following indicators suggest that you have an issue with your shocks or struts:

1. You notice fluid leaking near your shocks or struts
2. Your car is leaning or sagging one way.
3. Your car dips backward when you speed up – or feels dangerous to drive at high speed.
4. Your car dips forward when you brake.
5. Your tire tread is worn down unevenly.

Riverside Shocks and Struts Repair Shop

It's not safe to operate a vehicle with a suspension problem – contact Porter's Garage straight away if you believe your shocks or struts are malfunctioning. We'll run full diagnostic tests on your shocks or struts to determine if there are problems. If we confirm our suspicions, we'll begin fixing the issue and restoring your car's drivability.

Riverside Shocks and Struts Replacement Shop

If we can't fix your shocks or struts, our shocks and struts replacement services will help you restore your suspension system's functionality. We stock industry-leading shocks and struts – we'll have your suspension working again in no time!

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If you're searching for shocks and struts repair or replacement quotes, we don't charge Riverside drivers for estimates! If you need more information about our services, our shop is only a short phone call away. We're open six days a week to help you with any auto need!