If you drive a manual car, you use your clutch to transition between gears. If your clutch fails, you won't be able to use your vehicle. While there are typically long-term signs that your clutch is malfunctioning before it fails entirely, it's best to contact a mechanic as soon as you begin experiencing problems.

At Porter's Garage, we can help you repair and replace clutches in Riverside, California. As the most trusted mechanic in Riverside, we've helped countless local drivers stay on the roads!

Is My Clutch Broken?

Stay vigilant for the following signs of clutch problems:

1. Your clutch pedal makes vibrations when you activate it.
2. Your clutch pedal feels soft.
3. Your car has poor acceleration.
4. There are noises emitting from your car's transmission.

Unfortunately, most clutches will naturally wear down over time. So, how long does a clutch last? You can expect to replace your clutch every 60,000 miles (though some do last much longer).

Riverside Clutches Replacement Shop

If your clutch is no longer viable, it's time for a replacement. We offer affordable and effective clutch replacement services to our clients in Riverside. It's never been easier to get your clutch working again. We'll remove and inspect your current clutch before we recommend replacement.

Riverside Clutches Repair Shop

While clutch repair seems like an obvious way to save money, you must replace your clutch if it's worn down. While small adjustments can be made if your clutch is malfunctioning, it's very rare to be able to "repair" a significant issue with a clutch – replacement is the natural solution.

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If you need clutches repair or replacement, call Porter's Garage immediately. We'll work diligently to ensure you're straight back on the road. If you'd like a no-obligation estimate, call our shop in Riverside!