CV Joints

CV joints, or constant-velocity joints, ensure your drive shaft transfers power at a constant speed without causing friction. This is a unique auto part that allows the transfer of power despite a variable angle. These are found in many front-wheel cars sold in the United States.

As CV joints are in constant use, they typically require replacement every 60,000 miles. If you're searching for a CV joints replacement or repair service in Riverside, call our team at Porter's Garage!

Signs Your CV Joints Require Inspection

If you're unsure if you have an issue with your CV joints, it's crucial to stay aware of the following signs:

1. Clicking sounds when you turn your vehicle
2. Clicking noises when you speed up
3. Clicking sounds when you slow down

Our diagnostic assessments will determine if your CV joints are at fault for the auto issues you're experiencing. We guarantee we can source the root cause of any auto problem!

CV Joints Replacement Shop in Riverside

In most cases, a severe problem with your CV joints will require immediate replacement. As a significant component of your car, you can't afford to drive with faulty CV joints. We'll assess your vehicle, remove your current CV joints, and install sturdy joints that will keep your car safe on the road.

CV Joints Repair Shop in Riverside

If you're attempting to save money, you might be looking for a Riverside CV joints repair service. While it's sometimes possible to make minor adjustments to CV joints (boot replacement and other small changes), CV joint replacement is the only option if there are any structural issues.

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