Exhaust Manifolds

Your exhaust manifolds are responsible for transporting emissions from your engine's cylinders into a single pipe. While exhaust manifolds differ slightly depending on the car's design, they all share the same purpose. If your exhaust manifold isn't working correctly, it can drastically impact your car's performance.

At Porter's Garage, we provide Riverside residents with exhaust manifolds repair and replacement. If you're searching for a Riverside mechanic that you can trust, it's time to call our auto shop!

Is My Exhaust Manifold Broken?

If you notice any of the signs below, there could be a problem with your exhaust manifold:

1. Your car doesn't accelerate at the same rate.
2. Strong smells are coming from your engine.
3. You notice decreased fuel efficiency.
4. Your exhaust system makes loud noises.
5. Your car has reduced power.

While the above signs often point to exhaust manifold issues, they're also associated with a range of other auto problems. We use diagnostic technology to identify the true cause of any car issues.

Riverside Exhaust Manifolds Repair Shop

If there are minor issues present in your exhaust manifold, our exhaust manifolds repair service can fix the issue. We focus on long-term repair solutions – you shouldn't have to visit our repair shop again! We can also help maintain your exhaust manifold to prevent future issues.

Riverside Exhaust Manifold Replacement Shop

If your exhaust manifold isn't salvageable, we also offer full replacement services. We can help you source, install, and test a new exhaust manifold. If you're hoping for a cost-effective way to restore your vehicle's performance, this is an excellent option.

Porter's Garage is Only a Short Phone Call Away!

If you want to fix your car's exhaust manifolds, it's time to call our experts at Porter's Garage. Our mechanics are licensed, insured, and capable of fixing any type of exhaust manifold issue. If you'd like more information about our services, give our Riverside office a call – we also provide free estimates!