Chassis & Suspension

Without a chassis and suspension system, your car would have no foundation. By combining a strong support system and effective suspension tools, car manufacturers can produce vehicles that are enjoyable to drive. Your vehicle can navigate rough terrain and bumps because of its chassis and suspension system.

If you're experiencing chassis and suspension issues, it's critical to contact our repair team as quickly as possible. Don't drive a vehicle that you believe has support problems. Our team at Porter's Garage is only a short phone call away!

Do I Need a Chassis & Suspension Inspection?

1. You find it difficult to control your steering wheel.
2. Your car naturally leans or drifts in a particular direction.
3. You notice terrain and bumps feel particularly rough.
4. Your vehicle is leaning over (in one direction).
5. There are loud noises coming from your car's suspension system.
6. You notice uneven tire wear (tread wear).

Riverside Chassis & Suspension Repair Shop

If you're experiencing issues with your chassis and suspension system, our repair team can assess your car, diagnose the problem, and begin developing a remedy. In many cases, we might need to adjust or replace small components of your system.

Riverside Chassis & Suspension Replacement Shop

If you have a severe problem on your hands, we might need to replace your chassis or suspension system. Fortunately, we have the tools and technology to quickly replace chassis and suspension systems on almost any type of vehicle. We're Riverside's most affordable and trusted mechanic for large-scale replacement services.

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If you're searching for a chassis & suspension mechanic for a repair or replacement job, look no further than Porter's Garage. We have years of experience helping drivers maintain the foundations of their vehicles. If you need a free estimate for any of our services in Riverside, give our shop a call or fill in our online form!