STAR Test Center Smog Testing

If you want to ensure your car is surpassing smog standards in Riverside, it's critical to use a smog testing service to verify your current emissions. At Porter's Garage, we're a registered STAR test center that provides smog testing to Riverside drivers. If you need a smog test to license your vehicle, our team can help – give us a call today to schedule your smog test!

What is a STAR Test Center?

A STAR test center is a smog testing center that is certified by the Bureau of Automotive Repair in California. This means that the test center is certified to approve your car, as well as make necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure your vehicle is up to standard. If you need a smog testing center, it's critical to use a STAR test center to guarantee your car is permitted on California roads.

Riverside STAR Test Center Smog Testing

If you're searching for a STAR test center to assess your vehicle and provide a smog certification, our team at Porter's Garage is here to test your car. As a certified STAR test center, we're Riverside's best option for comprehensive smog testing.

Not only will we assess your car's smog output, but we can also make repairs to ensure that your car is in line with California licensing standards. You won't need to take your vehicle to another testing center if it doesn't pass the initial test – we're a one-stop-shop for all your auto needs!

Schedule Your First STAR Test Center Appointment Today!

If you're ready to access the services of a STAR Test Center, it's time to contact the professionals at Porter's Garage. We'll make sure that your vehicle is in peak condition. Call our auto shop today or fill in our online booking form – we won't charge you for quotes!