Without a radiator, your car wouldn't be able to cool its engine. If you want to avoid catastrophic engine failure, it's essential to keep your engine within a healthy temperature range. By transferring heat away from the internal components of your car, radiators ensure you don't overheat.

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Is My Radiator Broken?

Spotting a broken radiator is tough if you're not a well-equipped mechanic, but there are still a few indicators that your radiator isn't working:

1. Your car's engine light is on.
2. Your car is starting to overheat.
3. You notice the coolant levels are low.
4. There is coolant leaking beneath your vehicle.
5. You find sludge buildup in your radiator.

Radiators Repair Shop in Riverside

If you notice any of the above indicators, we'll run diagnostic tests on your vehicle to identify the problem. If your radiator is broken, we'll make repair suggestions and begin fixing the problem. Our quick turnaround times will have you back on the road before you know it!

Radiators Replacement Shop in Riverside

In rare instances that we can't repair your radiator, we can replace it with a new system. We have access to the industry's best-performing radiators – we can install a new radiator that fits your needs, budget, and car model.

Radiators Maintenance Service in Riverside

If you want to protect your radiator from future problems, a radiator maintenance service can spot issues before they develop. We partner with Riverside residents to inspect and service radiators for drivers in the area.

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Whether you need help repairing a radiator or want a full-service replacement, we're here to help. Our experienced mechanics can work with all makes and models sold in the United States. If you'd like a free radiator quote, it's time to call our shop or schedule an appointment online!