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It's critical to find a mechanic that you can rely on if you require the services of a professional auto shop. At Porter's Garage, we have years of experience assisting local drivers fix vehicles and change car parts. If you require a certified mechanic's services, we're the most trusted and budget friendly team in the Riverside area.

About Us

Porter's Garage is a vehicle shop situated in Riverside, California. As a full-service mechanic, we provide a broad variety of auto services. We can help with anything from complete engine replacement to automobile Air Conditioning repairs. Our shop is open six days each week.

Our Services

At Porter's Garage, we can handle any kind of vehicle problem. We have experience with all significant vehicle brands and designs. Let's explore a few of our most popular auto services in more detail below:

Transmission Replacement Only Riverside

Your transmission is an integral component of your car-- it's tasked with allowing your engine to switch gears. A damaged transmission will leave you without the ability to drive. While we do not fix transmissions at Porter's Garage, we provide full-service replacement solutions that will restore your car's driving capabilities.

Engine Repair Riverside

Your engine is the core of your automobile. Without a properly operating engine, you will not be going anywhere in a hurry! There is a broad variety of problems that can arise in an auto engine.

At Porter's Garage, we use innovative diagnostic equipment to reveal the root cause of engine problems. As soon as we determine the issue, we'll begin making immediate repairs. We also offer replacement services if you need a completely new engine.

Clutches Riverside

If you drive a manual car, you will not have the ability to operate your vehicle if the clutch is broken. At Porter's Garage, we provide detailed clutch repair and replacement services that ensure you can quickly shift your gears. Don't operate your vehicle with a malfunctioning clutch!

Car Battery Riverside

While vehicle batteries are known for lasting years without any significant problems, you will eventually require a replacement. If your vehicle will not start, or you observe dim lights or other electrical issues, you might require a battery replacement. We stock a broad variety of high-capacity batteries for our clients.

Radiators Riverside

A radiator is essential to your vehicle's capability to avoid overheating. Radiators help cool engines and other auto parts. If you require radiator repair work or replacement, we're the best automobile shop for the task!

Auto A/C Riverside

Your vehicle's air conditioning system is your most vital climate control tool. Without an adequately functioning Air Conditioning, driving in the middle of the summer months can be unbearable. At Porter's Garage, we have experience fixing a broad variety of auto air conditioners.

It's time to bring your vehicle to Porter's Garage if you want your auto Air Conditioner up and running again in time for summertime.

Alternators Riverside

Your alternator is accountable for providing the electrical energy needed to start your motor. When your car is operational, it's also tasked with charging your vehicle battery. If you require assistance fixing or changing an alternator, we've assisted hundreds of clients with similar problems!

Just because your car will not start, does not mean that it's an engine or battery problem. That's why it's important to work with a qualified mechanic to identify the origin of any electrical fault!

Automobile Electric Riverside

We manage far more than traditional mechanical auto services-- we're also capable of repairing any kind of automobile electric parts. Whether you need help with electric windows, electric seats, alternators, or any other electrical parts, we're here to help!

Hybrid Vehicle Service Riverside

You need access to a mechanic that comprehends this unique type of car if you use a hybrid vehicle to decrease your environmental effect on the world. At Porter's Garage, we have experience servicing and fixing all major hybrid car models. We're the ideal mechanic if you need specialist assistance!

Brake Repairs Riverside

It's unsafe to operate a vehicle with faulty brakes. At Porter's Garage, we can fix and change brakes and brake pads that are no longer performing to an appropriate standard. If you believe something is not right, we're more than happy to check your braking system.

Oil Changes Riverside

Your vehicle's engine requires oil for lubrication. It can result in a catastrophic engine failure that requires costly repair work if your oil is running low. We're pleased to provide regular oil changing services that guarantee your engine is totally equipped for the roadway.

In addition to our oil change services, it's also a great idea to regularly examine your oil yourself. By examining your oil weekly, you can rest assured that your vehicle is safe to drive on the road. It's particularly essential to inspect your oil prior to embarking on long-distance trips.

Other Services

As a full-service automobile shop, we provide any type of auto service or solution. In addition to the above services, we also supply the options listed below:

  • Smog Resting
  • Auto Diagnostics
  • CV Joints
  • Shocks and Struts
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Power Steering
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Star Test Center
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Chassis & Suspension
  • Axle Replacement
  • Starters
  • Ball Joints
  • Control Arms
  • Engine Replacement
  • Fluid Exchanges

Why Choose Porter's Garage?

If you're searching for a car mechanic to repair your vehicle or change faulty parts, it's important to choose the best auto shop for the job. Dealing with a shady mechanic can end up costing you $1000s. Let's see why we're the perfect partner for your next auto shop visit:

  • We're locally owned and operated-- and firmly committed to the Riverside community.
  • We provide quick turnaround times.
  • We're fully licensed and insured.
  • We provide confirmed reviews from previous clients.
  • We can repair any kind of automobile issue.
  • We have a longstanding track record of success.

Call Us Today for a Free Quote.

If you need a free estimate for any auto shop services, we never charge our customers for quotes. Feel free to call our shop if you'd like to discuss your vehicle needs. We also have an online form that you can submit to ask for a quote for a service-- simply add your personal details and info about your auto problem!

Why Choose Porter's Garage for Your Repair Needs?

If you're searching for a car mechanic to fix your vehicle or replace faulty parts, it's critical to choose the right auto shop for the job. Working with a dishonest mechanic can end up costing you $1000s. Let's see why we're the perfect partner for your next auto shop visit:

• We can fix any type of auto problem.
• We're fully licensed and insured.
• We have a longstanding track record of success.
• We're locally owned and operated – and firmly committed to the community.
• We offer quick turnaround times.
• We provide verified testimonials from past clients.
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kevin olausen
Great people doing great work.The mechanic Brian is a good worker has a great attitude and very helpful.
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A great local garage with fair prices.
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